Ribbed Graphic Tank and Wide Belted Distressed Short for YA/A. A new tank and pair of shorts. Tank comes in 6 different presets with various color channels and one plain. Shorts come in presets shown and have 3 recolorable channels. All made from a mixture of EA textures and meshes. 

More Pics & Download


New stuff! It is time for new stuff! This week I bring you another set of pants. I really do love these, especially the buckle. They are a set of regular-fit jeans made from a UL and Diesel mesh. The UL calculating pants really bugged me when they didn’t fit properly over shoes, so this project was done to rectify that issue. Once I found the buckle, it took on a life of their own. Now they are a set of my go-to jeans in-game.

These pants:

  • are base-game compatible
  • have 2 recolourable channels (pants and belt)
  • have 3 preset styles with custom thumbnails
  • are found in everyday, formal, athletic and outerwear categories of CAS

There is a slight seam issue just above the buckle, a really small gap. This is present on the EA mesh too, and after trying numerous methods to close it, it is still there. It is not that noticeable, and i really only noticed it this week after a few weeks being in-game, and I actually had to look at the UL jeans and they have it too. Perception check fail. Anyway, it really only noticable with a nude top, so that’s probably not gonna happen too often. I just like to inform all of you of these issues just so you all know.

The archive contains the sim3pack and package files along with the preset preview image. Choose which file type you prefer and delete the rest. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)


Mediafire | Onedrive


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[julies]6000+Followers gifts(part1)Cigarette Pants

Thank you for supporting me all the time,i just want to say i love you always!everybody>3<

  • One ordinary and another with belt
  • One recolorable channels
  • Fully morphs supported
  • Base Game compatible
  • Female-YA/Adult-Everyday,Formalwear,Athletic and Career
  • Both package and sims3pack formats available

Download(hope you understand me use adf.ly^__^)

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                 4100+ FOLLOWER GIFT (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ ~~ 

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[M1ssduo] acc Acid Washed Denim Jacket F&M

  • Different meshes for both gender.
  • Fully recolorable, with 3 designs.(4 for female)
  • Accessory-Ring category, thumbnails attached.
  • Assigned with different body morphs.
  • Mesh and textured by me.
     ★ Download:{Mediafire}   /   {360Cloud}

[M1ssduo][FIXED] acc Outerwear AM 

  • Assigned with different body morphs.
  • Little changes on mesh.
  • *Original post has updated too

     ★ Download:{Mediafire}   /   {360Cloud}

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Madlen Capri Shoes

New classy shoes for your sim!

Patent shoes with magnificent lace details. These are my first shoes with 4 RECOLORABLE CHANNELS. Wearable for everyday, formalwear and outwear. Two variations, with and without lace part. Shoes are compatible with poses and doesn’t need additional mod to lift them up.




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this morning i made 6 pairs of tartan leggings for the hell of it, and of course, for your pleasure. they aren’t recolourable but what other colours would you want for tartan leggings lmao. .package and sims3pack :)


mesh: modish kitten

images: google lol




[Sr] BlushN1heart

> all ages
> female
> sims3pack & package
> recoloured

I hope you enjoy \o/

Download .rar
MF (only, sorry)


Pastel Sweaters - 5 Patterns
Just a retexture I did for fun of one of my favourite cc items. Click the image for a close up. 5 different pastel colored patterns, non-recolorable, y/a female.

download: box (.package)
mesh: modish kitten


E-lipgloss-GLAZE-131128 (edit)

I really like this glaze by ephemera but the original has lavender undertones that don’t translate well in terms of light colours. I tweaked the .DDS in photoshop and was quite pleased with the result. The top row of photos show the original and the second row is the edit, corresponding colours under its respective partner. This replaces the original and of course, all credit goes to the frighteningly talented ephemera.


light peach → 233, 208, 188 | 233, 208, 188 | 255, 255 , 255 

baby pink → 234 , 198 , 195 | 234, 198, 195 | 255, 255, 255

mega | dropbox

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